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Release: Unknown Borders

Release: Unknown Borders

We are happy to announce that the Unknown Borders community has now gone live!

Officially, work on the community website began back in February 2016; unofficially it had already been in the workshop for a few months. Now after 10 months of planning, designing and least of all programming, we can finally say that we have arrived at our destination.

These last 10 months have included long nights of work, and for many of us, countless sleepless nights. Wondering, how we should do one thing or the other. But through it all we have gained new followers, friends and fellow gamers.

To give some of you guys a little perspective into how much work has been done, let me say this: We have written over 3.000.000 (million) lines of code divided among the website, the coming TeamSpeak bot, the server administration application and several minor apps that will make our future much easier.

Though this website has been marked "complete", our work does not stop here. For now we will all take a couple of weeks to relax, and focus on our loved ones, families and friends as they have suffered the most. We will gather strength and ideas for the next haul.

In the coming year of 2017, several releases have been planned. Including the new Studio, 3 individual games that are currently being developed, and finally work will continue on the community website - as there are still a few features missing or bugs that may arise as people start to use the website.

Finally I would like to say thanks to the members that participated in the creation of this community. And a special shout-out to our lead frontend developer Diceler, how was responsible for both adapting the template and the creation of our jQuery features. Without him, this would not have been a success.

We hope that you will continue to support our community through the games we play together and with donations to help keep everything running.

It was you guys that made all of this possible!


Best Regards,
Yilmas, The Staff
Founder of Unknown Borders

Announcement: New VOIP Service

Greetings Members and Visitors

Teamspeak has just announced to its subscripers of their AAPL licenses that they are going to increase the cost of it by 50% starting january 2018. With this change, the cost of running a teamspeak server will simply become to high. Therefor Unknown Borders has decided to change our VOIP service to Discord.

Our current Teamspeak service will continue to be operational until the 30th of september, from then on we will have moved to Discord.


In many ways, Discord is essentially the same as Teamspeak except it is much further developed and has gained a very large client base since its birth in early 2015. It currently services 9 million users on a daily basis.
One of the enhancements compared to Teamspeak, is that Discord has a fully integrated chat system as well. We have already setup a couple of "text channels" and "voice channels", feel free to let us know in the #support channel, if you would like to wish for more text or voice channel.

Compared to Teamspeak, Discord has a very high level of integrations to a myriad of services such as: Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Patreon, etc.
Patreon being one of the two ways we had always intended that donators could use, became a strong selling point to change to Discord. Once we launch our Patreon page, any donators will automatically be assigned the appropriate roles on Discord once they become a patreon of Unknown Borders.

Come and join us at: 

Patreons / Donations

Up until this date, we've always used all of our donations to keep the teamspeak running by letting the license consume all the donation money. However, in the future we will be able to go back to our original idea, that donations will be used for server upgrades, such as more ram to enable us to host more game server, and allow us to purchase more game-licenses. Which will help the community by allowing Unknown Borders to service a wider variety of games.


By using our VOIP services, you agree to abide by the community rules and terms of service found on our website.
Furthermore, with Discord there are a couple of extra rules that you may find in the #announcements or #rules channel. These primarily is about the use of @mentions which is a feature of Discord that allows a user to ping another user or group of users.

Kind Regards,

Donation Drive 2017

Greetings UB members and friends

To keep up with the high demands we have received over the last 10 months, we've concluded that now is a reasonable time to start our 2017 donation drive.

Since our last drive, a few things have changed with our servers, first and foremost, they are now located behind a 1gbit/1gbit internet line. We were able to secure a favorable deal back in late 2016 which has also granted us business support line to the internet provider, allowing us near instantaneous phone support.

Secondly, the TeamSpeak 3 server got a complete overhaul, where we moved from a clan-by-clan setup to a more freeform structure that allows some groups to have a few more rights, such as private channels. This was done to improve the way our users communicate with each other, instead of just being isolated in each clan, our users can now be seen mingling with the other visitors.
To register for a group tag and receive the permissions that comes with it, a user must simply contact a staff member and they will tell the user how to gain access to our group system. In the future, it is meant to be implemented through our group manager on our website.
Our TeamSpeak bot, has seen some improvements over the last few months, however due too external forces, our developers has seen it needed, that we turn down the amount of time invested in it. We still hope to bring it to you no later than this coming December.

Finally, we have recently begun working on the studio part of our community, the supporting pillar for our foundation. For more information, head-on over to

Part of this work, includes the development of two projects; one for Essera and the other is an 4X RPG PC game using the Unity game engine. More information will be released, as we get closer to having alpha candidates of both projects.

 -- Donations --

This year, we wish to further increase our capacity on our game server, by upgrading one of the CPU’s and buying some more RAM for our 3d game server.
Please remember to include your username, name or the email used to register an account on Unknown Borders, so we can give you your shiny donator badge :)

  • Donations can be given through PayPal using the button on the front page, or by using the following mail:
  • Danish Residents Only: MobilePay 2465 3236

-- Statistics for the last 8 months --

  • 153 unique visitors on TeamSpeak, 63 returning
  • Approx. 31.000 total sessions on TeamSpeak
  • 4 permanent bans were handed out to spammers/griefers
  • Approx. 89.000 hits on our services
  • Game Servers hosted: Ark Survival Evolved (The Island), Terraria, OpenTTD, Civilization V Pitboss, Space Engineers

-- Uptime/Downtime --

  • Uptime Quote: 99,99% (99,99436)
  • Registered downtimes: 9 hours server maintenance and 3.5 hour unscheduled downtime.

Kind Regards,
The Staff

Forum Activity

Welcome to the Forums

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the UnknownBorders Forums, I ask that everyone keep their posts family friendly and clean as well as read the rules for the forums which can be found down on the bottem of the page listed as community rules and here.


Thanks for taking the time to read this,




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